Capital Runners Richmond Park 10k

Richmond Park 10k – Greater London, February 23, 2014


I’m in the throngs of Spring Marathon training, and every third week I get to “take it easy” and “just” run 10km. I like to find local/Greater London races on these training days to try and challenge my pacing and opted for the serenity of Richmond Park on this particular weekend.



  • The Start/Registration was easy to find in the park (however I must add that there were no race directions signposted anywhere)
  • Race packs were posted in advance to ease a nervous runner’s mind with very precise detail on the race
  • Clear distance markers – Whilst I appreciate that you should know how you’re doing simply because you run two laps, it is nice to know where your “km” marks are – just to tick them off.
  • Every finisher was awarded a medal 


  • There was minimal (if any) race atmosphere
  • Used the parks facilities – there’s always a queue on race day however it would have been nice to have had some extra loos to ease the crowds
  • No tea/coffee/refreshments available nearby for runners or supporters – you had to rely on local knowledge if you wanted anything pre/post race 


  • 2 laps – there’s a whole community of runners that dread the “L” word – but I think it’s forgivable for a 10k distance especially in the beautiful park! 
  • A varied trail race that despite the weather (drizzle/puddles a plenty) was completely fine underfoot 
  • There are slight hills throughout and a variety of terrain which meant you were able to challenge technique which is a blessing at this point of my personal training plan 
  • Not one to try for a Personal Best – too many challenges in your way to really go for it


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