How Many Miles A Week Should I Run?

How many miles a week you run per week depends on what your goals are. The number of miles you should be running if your training for your first 5k will be very different from the milage needed by an experienced marathon runner to improve their personal best.

I asked runners at our club runners how far they run in an average week, over 1000 runners responded and the answers we received are as diverse as the races people are training towards.

Runners who run less than 5 miles per week – 3%
Runners who run 5 – 10 miles – 18%
Runners who run 11 – 15 miles – 24%
Runners who run 16 -20 miles – 20%
Runners who run 21 – 25 miles – 13%
Runners who run 26 – 30 miles 8%
Runners who run 36 – 40 miles 4%
Runners who run more than 40 miles – 5%

How does this compare to how many miles you feel you should be running every week?

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