How Many Miles A Week Should I Run?

How many miles a week you run per week depends on what your goals are. The number of miles you should be running if your training for your first 5k will be very different from the milage needed by an experienced marathon runner to improve their personal best.

I asked runners at our club runners how far they run in an average week, over 1000 runners responded and the answers we received are as diverse as the races people are training towards.

Runners who run less than 5 miles per week – 3%
Runners who run 5 – 10 miles – 18%
Runners who run 11 – 15 miles – 24%
Runners who run 16 -20 miles – 20%
Runners who run 21 – 25 miles – 13%
Runners who run 26 – 30 miles 8%
Runners who run 36 – 40 miles 4%
Runners who run more than 40 miles – 5%

How does this compare to how many miles you feel you should be running every week?

Five night races in the UK

As the days get shorter, it sometimes seems like you’re always running in the dark. So put your night running training to good practice with these five races for runners looking for night time running events.

The Electric Run
The Electric Run is a nighttime 5k which takes runners through immersive lands of light of light and sound. This race is part club night, part street party with an emphasis on having a good time rather than getting a PB.

These events will be taking place across the UK in 2014, with the first Electric Run in London on April 26th.

The Night Owl 10k
The Night Owl 10k challenges runners with a trail race through the Forest of Dean by the light of head torches. The woods can feel errie as dusk falls and it isn’t unheard of for runners to report both wild boar and deer watching them from the undergrowth as they run past.

The Night Owl 10k race takes place in the Forest of Dean on September 6th 2014.

Marmot Dark Mountains
The Marmot Dark Mountain is a challenging mountain marathon run at night in the heart of winter. The event is run in pairs, requiring each to navigate a choice of courses ranging from Elite to Short Score classes, with each designed to be completed as dawn breaks.

The Marmot Dark Mountain takes place in Northern England on January 25th 2014.

Glow in the Park
Glow in the Park is a series of events happening across the UK between November 2013 and March 2014. Glow in the Park races are all about running in the dark, running in a save environment, and running for fun. The series offer runners 5k and 10k options at locations across the UK.

Glow in the Park Wakefield is the next event, taking place on February 8th 2014.

Midnight Mountain Marathon
The Midnight Mountain Marathon is set in the breathtaking Brecon Beacons, the race challenges runners who set off at 5.30pm to reach the peak by midnight.

The Midnight Mountain Marathon takes place on 28th June 2014.